Group Classes

It’s fun & affordable, still delivering the same results Pilates is well known for.

These classes consist of a combination of floor work and props with a mixture of the various Pilates apparatus (Reformers, Barrels, Chairs, Cadillac and Towers).

Our classes are small and personalised with a max of 4 clients per class. Group class duration is 50 minutes.

With the use of a variety of Pilates apparatus, clients are able to build strength, while continually being challenged by the method, this enhances their experience and Pilates practice.

Clients MUST be injury free and have previous experience with Pilates. New to Pilates? Check out our discounted ‘Find your Core’ introductory package.

R250 per class

The 6 core principles of Pilates are concentration, control, centering, flow, precision, and breathing – each principle is an integral component of every Pilates class.

New to Pilates?

Pilates can be customised to just about any body type and fitness level out there.  The principles are quite specific with the focus on developing dynamic core control with correct body alignment and movement.

Need to Know:

  • Teachers/Instructors for our classes are subject to change without prior notice
  • Non-slip socks are recommended for all clients. 
  • Read our Terms and Conditions​