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What our clients say:

♥ "Thank you so much for a great class yesterday.  I am really glad to be back doing Pilates & even more so since I really love your teaching methods and passion for it."  Heidi Nov 2017

♥ "Thank you so much for the Pilates, I'm absolutely loving it... I think this is a start to an addiction."  Charne Aug 2017

♥ "Thanks I felt really great after Friday's session.  Best Ab workout ever!" Audrey Aug 2017

♥ "Excellent workout.  Awesome trainer & coach." - Wall-unit Class - Charlene June 2017

♥ "A fabulous & fun way to get the heart pumping and keep the mind sharp" - Jumpboard Class - Sarann Jan 2017

♥ "Fun class!"  Reformer Group Class - Charné March 2017

♥ "Challenging class with a beautiful flow of movement that focused mind and body!  Loved it!" Reformer Group Class - Sarann Feb 2017

♥ "Thank you so much for the Pilates, I'm absolutely loving it..... I think this is a start to an addiction!"  Chaneé August 2016

♥ "Paulette is literally the raddest, sweetest, most energetic, bum busting Pilates instructor EVER!!! Love love love xxx"  Navasha April 2016

♥ "Just have to tell you.... you are super rad and I love doing Pilates with you!!"  Navasha March 2016

♥ "Feeling it today :-)"  Lee-Ann Jan 2016

♥ "Hi Paulette, thank you so much for our early morning Pilates training this past year!  It was so awesome to have you as my trainer and as a result a really wonderful friend too.  I absolutely loved our sessions and really felt the benefits with my breathing, fitness and toning improving dramatically, especially from being asthmatic and having a very stressful job.  Not only did it make me feel better physically, it was great for the mind and soul on a holistic level.  Pilates teaches you to focus and still the mind - great for the body but wonderful and meditative too xx  Thank you - it has really helped me to shift so much this year on all levels.  I no longer have to use my inhalers as much as I did, plus my lower back pain and posture improved a lot too."  Sam.L.R  November 2015

 ♥ "So grateful to have found an awesome place where I can chill but also work on my fitness and Pilates obsession!  Paulette is amazing at what she does and always pushes 100%.  Couldn't recommend more!"  Angeliki Nov 2015 Private Pilates

♥ "I've been a client for almost a year and every session has been a pleasure.  Paulette has such a passion for Pilates and people and her enthusiasm is so contagious!  The mind-body connection from the true Pilates that Paulette teaches has totally changed my figure and attitude.  Love it!!"  Nolene Nov 2015 Private Duet Pilates

♥ "Thanks a lot for the class today it was very nice, loved the final pull-ups" Rossana Nov 2015 Private Pilates

♥ "Thanx for the lovely session."  Kaylee Nov 2015 One-on-One Pilates

♥ "Have been referred by my Neighbour Lara , she is looking amazing!"  Raquel Apr 2015 Private Pilates

♥ "Thank you so much for my complimentary session on Friday.  I am so excited to start & challenge this body of mine back into shape & strengthen my back."  Carmen Nov 2015 Private Pilates 

♥ "My inner thighs are so sore. Great class yesterday!!!!"   Rossana Private Pilates May 2015

♥ "Paulette is a passionate instructor.  I have enjoyed her Pilates private classes for over a year now and it's a perfect complement to my body's very intense training routine and mostly I learnt to feel my body at a deep level.  Every single exercise is thought through."  Rossana April 2016 Pilates

♥ "One of the harder workouts I have ever done!  Paulette you are amazing!  Your calm approach keeps me coming back." Andrea Private Pilates March 2016

♥ "Just wanted to share that (according to Apple Watch) I burned the same amount of calories in one jump-board session with Paulette as I do on a 6km run!!  If anyone tells you Pilates doesn't involve cardio, they are mistaken." March 2016  Nolene Private Pilates

♥ "Thanks Paulette for the class today it was great - besides me being in pain!"  Rossana Private Pilates Apr 2015

♥ "Very stiff stomach today :)"  Dustine May 2015

♥ "I am so enjoying the classes."  Dustine April 2015

♥ "I really really enjoy our Pilates sessions and I'm so grateful." Antoinette Private Pilates Jan 2015

♥ "Looking forward to tomorrow's session, see you in the morning!"  Angeliki Apr 2015 Private Pilates

♥ "The sides of my abs are sore - I'm guessing that's a good indicator that I don't use those muscles often ? I feel great though. Very happy I came" Omotola Mar2015 Private Pilates

 ♥ "Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, as always :)" Bev March 2015 Private Pilates

♥ "Looking forward to it!"  Nolene Feb 2015 Private Pilates