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Body Zen Pilates Studio

Pilates is a unique low impact form of exercise that restores natural balance to the body and mind

Our Method

At Body Zen Pilates Studio all exercises are based on Joseph Pilates method. The Pilates Method offers a workout that includes strength and flexibility training, as well as core conditioning in a safe and supported environment.  

Pilates is truly a complete co-ordination between the mind and body - an intelligent exercise method, which requires focus and presence of the mind.  

Pilates can be customised to just about any body type & fitness level out there.  Whether it is physical therapy to treat an old injury, pre or post pregnancy, for sports professionals seeking performance enhancement or simply to stay healthy, firm & toned.

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises are safe and effective and addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body.  Issues like lack of core strength/support, pelvic instability, muscular imbalances, poor posture, and lack of body awareness all affect the body.  When the body alignment is off, uneven stresses occur on the skeleton, especially the spine.

Pilates is a lifestyle & requires patience to master.  The benefits & rewards are amazing, from a mental workout, to increasing core strength, enhancing flexibility, improving balance & posture.

THE private experience

It's all about you!

Your classes are scheduled at a time that suits you.  The program is personalised around you, allowing you to progress at your own rate, helping you achieve your results faster. 

1-on-1, duets & trios

  • The private option incorporates the benefits of the variety of Pilates apparatus (Reformer's, Cadillac and Wall Units, Ladder Barrel, Arc's, Wunda Chair and many more Pilates props)
  • We offer One-on-One as well as Duets and Trio semi-private classes
  • One-on-One Private classes are suitable for pre and post pregnancy and clients requiring rehabilitation
  • These classes are approximately 55 minutes
  • There is a 24 hour cancellation requirement
  • Private clients get the benefit of our 'Late Cancellation make-up Policy'
  • New to our studio discounted Intro Offer package
  • Get cheaper rates and sign-up for 6 month contract
  • Refer a clients and receive a free class
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The Group Experience

It's fun and affordable, still delivering the same results Pilates is known for!

We offer the following group classes

  • Matwork & Props (max 4)
    • ​Props:  balls, bands, barrels, rollers, weights, blocks and magic wheels
  • Reformer (max 4)
    • Reformer is a single bed frame with a sliding carriage, adjustable springs to regulate tension and resistance, ropes, straps, bars and a pulley system.  Exercises are performed from a variety of positions, even standing.  The resistance created by the pulley and spring system provides a challenging strength and endurance workout, producing visible results sooner.
  • Jumpboard (max 4)
    • Jumpboard is a padded jumping surface which we attach to the Reformer, adding plyometric and aerobic exercises to any workout
    • Plyometric training involves repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power, speed and strength.
    • Jumpboard classes are fast paced in a safe and supportive environment
  • Wall-Unit (max 3)
  • Suspension Training (max 6)