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Body Zen Pilates Studio

Pilates is a unique low impact form of exercise that restores natural balance to the body and mind

Welcome to our boutique Studio

Thank you for taking a moment to acquaint yourself with our studio policies.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

We have a strict policy when it comes to cancellation of attendance for all group and private pilates classes.  Adhering to this policy ensures that classes keep running smoothly for all.

  • Group classes - 12 hours prior to your scheduled booking.
  • Private classes - 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment  **please review our private make-up class policy
  • Should you not adhere to the cancellation time frame, you will forfeit the class and be billed for the late cancellation
  • All cancellations and rescheduling must be done online via our booking system
  • Private classes may only be rescheduled once within the same month of purchase
  • Classes cancelled within the specified timeframe may be rescheduled, but must be utilised within the same month of purchase, otherwise the class with expire

​Private Classes Late Cancellation Rescheduling Policy:

*This is only applicable for Privates, Duets and Trio's

  • All late cancelled private classes can be made-up at any of the available "Group Equipment" classes.
  • Rebooking this class is the client's responsibility
  • This make-up class must be redeemed within the same month of purchase, otherwise the class will expire​


Our booking system offers a wait list option on full classes.  As soon a place free's up, you'll receive an email confirming your booking.

Referral Program:

Our way of saying thank you for referring us clients.  Refer a client and when they sign up you receive a free class!

Studio Etiquette:

  • Please ensure your cell phone is on silent while in the studio.  Should you need to monitor your calls, kindly inform your teacher and keep your phone on vibrate.
  • Pigeon hole shelving is available at the entrance for all bags and shoes
  • Please no chewing gum, it's dangerous as you can choke
  • Please remember that our group classes are not suitable for rehab or pregnant clients

Personal Profile:

  • It is the responsibility of the client to inform the instructor of all (if any) injuries and health issues, both past and/or present;
  • It is the responsibility of the client to inform/update Body Zen with regards to any changes to your personal profile.


Our Instructors cannot diagnose and/or prescribe treatment for any form of injury, disease or medical condition. Should any health concerns arise during your training, our instructors might require your assistance in obtaining more information from your physician, physiotherapist and chiropractor.  We at Body Zen love what we do and the greatest of care is taken by our teachers to ensure our clients safety.

All information received from clients is strictly confidential.  Please provide the correct information on your personal forms regarding your health, fitness, medication along with a thorough injury profile.

​By attending classes at Body Zen you agree and accept our terms and conditions of our Pilates Studio.  You indemnify Body Zen Pilates Studio and any agents or sub-contractors of Body Zen Pilates Studio against any loss, damage or injury that may occur on the premises.  You hereby agree and accept the terms and conditions of Body Zen Pilates Studio.

​Thank you for choosing Body Zen, we look forward to bringing fun into fitness, and happy to help you become a healthier, fitter you!


Frequently Asked Questions


Pilates matwork is the better known style of exercise as it is more accessible in gyms and requires no equipment. Pilates matwork is an effective bodyweight routine, using the resistance of gravity to work one's body.   Occasionally teachers incorporate the use of small props.

The Pilates apparatus are specially designed Pilates pieces of equipment. These apparatus offer resistance or assistance to an exercise. 

Pilates equipment classes are choreographed 50 minute sessions.  These small group classes allow clients to experience the challenge of an equipment based session in a group environment.

The benefits of using the Pilates apparatus

Body Zen is a fully equipped Pilates studio offering both classical and contemporary Pilates teachers.  The use of the Pilates apparatus brings a new level of resistance, variety to your Pilates workout and assists in achieving your results faster.

What Equipment is available at our Body Zen Studio:

  • Reformers
  • Cadillac & Wall-units
  • Ladder Barrel & Arc Barrels
  • Wunda/Electric Chair
  • Props:  Balls, Bosu, Rollers, Bands, Barre's, Magic Wheels, TRX and loads more....
  • Our beautiful studio is fitted with mirrors and air conditioners
  • Water cooler and hand towels available for clients


If you are combining your Pilates training with an existing exercise routine, then we would recommend 1 to 2 times per week

Should Pilates be the only exercise program that you are doing, then we would recommend training 2 to 3 times a week

What to wear?

  • Wear comfortable fitting clothing (neither too loose nor too tight, clothing that allows ease of movement).  The teacher needs to see your form.  We prefer to do Pilates barefoot or with non-slip foot socks or undeez.
  • Please keep your jewellry to a minimum.
  • All long hair needs to be tied up either in a high pony or in the nape of the neck.  
  • Please avoid sharp object clips, jewellry or gym pants with zips as they scratch and damaged the Pilates equipment upholstery.

We supply exercise mats, filtered water and hand towels, so bring along a positive attitude and we'll do the rest!

How do I book a class?

Our user-friendly online booking system offers clients flexibility and convenience.

  1. Register on Chidesk and create a profile or copy and paste the following link to your browser:
  2. Remember to bookmark the page

Once you've registered you'll be able to:

  • view the group class schedule
  • book classes, waitlist and/or cancel class bookings
  • purchase classes, products and packages
  • view account details and class visit history
  • update personal information
  • All class bookings, rescheduling or cancellations are the responsibility of the client and need to be done via our online booking system

What payment options are available?

  • Payments can be made via EFT, Debit Order, Cash or SnapScan
  • All payments are required upfront at the beginning of the month, prior to commencement of training;
  • Classes booked and paid for will not be refunded, carried over and are not transferable;
  • All billing or account information is available on your online profile
  • Packages cannot be shared or redeemed by another member, family or friend
  • Classes and/or packages need to be redeemed within the month of purchase, otherwise they expire
  • Prices are subject to an annual increase.


The is ample free parking available at the centre.

Teacher Accreditation:

All our teachers are accredited and registered with varied qualifications.  As there are many Pilates methods available, and each teacher's style is unique, should you prefer a more contemporary or traditional approach kindly let us know so that I can ensure that you are placed with a suitable teacher.


CATHSSETA, the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority

REPSSA, ensure that fitness professionals in South Africa meet the international health and fitness industry's standards.  REPSSA is affiliated with various REPS organisations worldwide, including but not limited to REPSUK and REPSEurope.