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Body Zen Pilates Studio

Pilates is a unique low impact form of exercise that restores natural balance to the body and mind

The Group Experience

Build long, lean muscle tone and a strong core

  • Small group training to ensure perfect technique is achieved
  • Group classes are 50 minutes
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • 12 Hour cancellation requirement
  • Class bookings close 2hrs prior to class start time
  • Group classes ARE NOT suitable for pregnant or clients requiring rehabilitation
  • We recommend that all clients wishing to join our group classes, take approximately 5-10 private classes as orientation.  This will enable you to learn the fundamentals, principles and basic movement/exercises correctly.  You'll understand your body's strengths and weakness, giving you confidence, allowing to get more out of your group experience.  These private classes will also assist in addressing any individual needs.
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Equipment Group

Our equipment classes offer a challenging strength and endurance workout, producing visible results sooner


Single / Pay As You Go R240 per class


4 Class Package R800

8 Class Package R1360

Debit 6 Month Contract

Unlimited per Month R1800


Try our discounted equipment group starter package

Matwork & Props

Exercises are done on the mat, using your own bodyweight as resistance.  Exercises are adaptable for all fitness levels and modifications are provided.


Single / Pay As You Go - R150 per class


4 Class Package R520

8 Class Package R800

Pilates Suspension Training

Maximise your Body and Mind Training

These group classes combine both traditional and contemporary Pilates exercises with suspension training, challenging the bodies stabilising muscles and balance with loads of leveraged bodyweight exercises.  

This method of training uses your bodyweight and gravity to work the entire body, building power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. 

 A whole new world of Bodywork

Get leaner, get better muscular balance and joint stability.