Body Zen Pilates Studio

Group Class types:


  1. Matwork an effect body weight routine with the occasional use of small props (magic wheel, barrels, rollers, bands, balls, weights & blocks)
  2. Reformer Equipment Group is a spring-driven resistance workout with a max 4 clients per class
  3. Reformer Jumpboard Plyometric training, a cardio driven high intensity workout, max 4 per class
  4. Tower Group - max 3
  5. Suspension Training is leveraged body weight exercises, max 5 per class.  


The Group Experience

Our Group Experience is fun and affordable, still delivering the same results that Pilates is known for

The Pilates Method offers a workout that includes strength and flexibility training, as well as core conditioning in a safe and supported environment.  Pilates is truly is a complete co-ordination between the mind and body.

Pilates Equipment

  1. Reformer Group​​ Class
    • ​​Max 4 clients per class
  2. Tower/Wall-Unit Group​ Class
    • ​​Max 3 clients per class
  3. Jump-board Cardio Group Class
    • Max 4 clients per class
    • Jumpboard is a padded jumping surface which we attach to the Reformer, adding plyometric and aerobic exercises to any workout
    • Plyometric training involves repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power, speed and strength.
    • Jumpboard classes are fast paced in a safe and supportive envir    |    The Leaping Frog Shopping Centre, Corner William Nicol & Mulbarton Road, Lonehill, Fourways    |    083-299-0099