Body Zen Pilates Studio

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Pilates stretches, strengthens, energises, relaxes and heals all at the same time.

Our Method

At Body Zen Pilates Studio we are passionate about Pilates and the difference it makes in people's lives.  

The Pilates Method offers a workout that includes strength and flexibility training, as well as core conditioning.  Pilates is a low impact form of body conditioning that can be customised to just about any body type & fitness level out there.  

The benefits of Pilates are well documented from physical therapy to treat an old injury, for pre/post pregnancy, sports professionals looking for performance enhancement or simply to stay healthy, firm & toned - Pilates works bringing your body back into balance, assisting in preventing injuries, improving movement patterns and clearing the mind..... it gives your body just what it needs!


Pilates is truly a complete co-ordination between the mind and body.

An intelligent exercise method, which requires focus and presence of the mind.


We offer private, semi private and small personalised group classes.  All exercises are based on Joseph Pilates method and taught in a safe and supported environment.